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CanGift Fair Aug 7-10, 2022

By Samira Ha. on August 6, 2022

Gifts and crafts lover will find it exciting to attend the Toronto Gift + Home Market trade show. Craft Alliance will organize the show where Atlantic Canadian exhibitors find it easy to enhance their sales. The Toronto Gift + Home Market (formerly named the Toronto Gift Fair) is a wholesale exhibition which has been created by the Canadian Gift Association (CanGift). The trade show only serves professional buyers in the related retail industry. 

Among the things that are offered in the show are collectibles, home décor, homeware, gardening items, and bed and linen products.

The Canadian Gift Association (CanGift), active since 1976, has enabled its members to grow in the fast-evolving market, representing a large number of gifts from Canadian entrepreneurs (at a value of $10 billion). CanGift, devoted to positive change, has helped big and small businesses to grow and succeed.

Here in Toronto's trade-only market, which takes place twice a year, gifts and crafts manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, distributors and buyers get connected to develop giftware industry. It is regarded an effective venue for them to share talents and skills and increase competitiveness.

Through Toronto Gift + Home Market and Alberta Gift + Home Market, members of this innovative association are able to explore the latest trends, see the brands, communicate with their counterparts and develop their business. Shipping discounts, telecommunications, insurance and payment processing are among members benefits.

CanGift provides its visitors with unique marketing opportunities, promotion of skills, occupational events as well as products and services.

Held in Toronto Congress Center, Ontario, the giftware exhibition is open from August 7 to 10, 2022.

If interested in giftware, join the association to develop your business and sell your products. Throughout the year, retailers can find products by member companies.

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OECD Countries See Highest Inflation Since 1988

By Samira Ha. on August 4, 2022

Industrialized OECD countries have seen a rise in inflation, a 34-year record high, since June 1988. The most recent statistics reveal the annual inflation rate in Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), measured by the consumer price index (CPI), jumped to 10.3% in June 2022, versus 9.7% a month earlier.

In England, consumer prices saw an average rise of 9.1% in the year to June, which has been the speediest rate in inflation in the Irish economy since the year 1984. The rate is also higher than 7.8% in the year to May. Food and energy are top things with the main inflation rates.  

In the OECD countries, food prices jumped to 13.3% in June 2022, from 12.6% a month earlier, which is the highest amount in food price since July 1975. Alike, energy inflation rate rose to 40.7% year over year in June 2022, which is larger than 35.4 a month earlier.

Year-over-year inflation rate, apart from food and energy, rose to 6.7% in the month of June, from 6.4% in May.

Double-digit inflation was listed for almost a third of OECD countries, the highest was recorded in Turkey (78.6%) with the lowest in Japan (2.4%).

Measured by the harmonized index of consumer prices (HICP), year-over-year headline inflation, in the eurozone, had a jump of 8.6% in June, from 8.1% in May 2022. Both food and energy prices saw high rises between the months of May and June 2022. Flash estimate for the eurozone in July by the Eurostat suggests a further rise in year-over-year inflation rate (8.9%). In the meantime, price inflation, without considering food and energy, jumped to 4% versus 3.7% June 2022.  

As shown by Refinitiv data, stock markets are now pricing with a more than 90% possibility of a huge 50 basis point rate rise in the meeting to be held on Thursday while the central bank tries to curb inflation from a point recorded in four decades.

Additionally, a survey conducted by Reuters from over 70% of 65 economists and analysts predicts a half-point rise from the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) in the current week.

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World Food Expo, August 3 to 6, 2022, MANILA

By Samira Ha. on August 2, 2022

The most popular food and beverages trade show in the Philippines, WOFEX has turned into the largest F&B exhibition over many years. Face-to-face shows will be held this year throughout the Philippines in WOFEX Regional shows. The show, to be held from August 3-6, offers many unique opportunities for training and learning along with live seminars and webinars and presents ultimate food experiences.

WOFEX, this year, features Artisan Baking, Art of Cake Decorating, Asean Barista Team Championship over 3 days.

WOFEX trade fair displays food products and services to those involved or interested in food and beverages industry.

In SensoryEx, held in WORLD TRADE CENTER, MANILA, August 4, professionals in food business will hold hands-on classes. In Artisan Baking Workshop, attendants will learn a lot and gain practical and effective skills to be able to bake pastries and artisan bread on their own without any difficulties. The workshop gives you confidence to focus on your passion and develop your own business.

Art of Cake Decorating is another interesting and inspiring part of the show which is held in WORLD TRADE CENTER, MANILA, August 5. Within the workshop you will gain an expertise to create flowers with gum paste and buttercream. This part will be fun and exciting to everyone. Participants will be trained to be creative and make splendid work to decorate their home-made or store cakes.

ASEAN Barista Championships, Manila August 5, is a venue for coffee artists to display their skills and creativity and compete with their skilled counterparts.

Safety protocols are observed to ensure safety of visitors.

To get further info on the show and sign up in the event visit the website.

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Drop in Pakistan's Imports Under Ban on Nonessentials

By Samira Ha. on July 31, 2022
Following a ban on nonessential goods, Pakistan’s imports dropped over a third this July, according to Finance Minister Miftah Ismail. He said in a Sunday news conference that the improvement Pakistan's in trade situation will take the pressure off the rupee.

The country saw a decrease in imports in July, to $5 billion, which is more than 35% below June’s record high, $7.7 billion. Latest data for the month of July is about to be announced soon by the central bank and Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).  

Saying “this is very welcome,” Ismail added that this follows the government’s attempt to ban imports of nonessential goods.

On Friday, the rupee traded up marginally at 239.37 to the dollar. Last week, the nonessentials import ban was removed, and only vehicles, mobile phones and household appliances are still prohibited.   

According to Ismail, the present government has been determined to dramatically lower the Current Account Deficit (CAD) and see a surplus in one or two years. Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves are increasingly exhausted. The country has been challenged by a swelling current account deficit, with a $2.3 billion increase in June, which basically stemmed from a growth in oil imports. 

The deficit for June 30 – the end of financial year – reached $17.4 billion compared to $2.8 billion a year earlier.

A staff-level agreement was reached with the IMF for $1.17 billion paid under a bailout package which has been resumed again. 

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